We’re seeking out the help of our ambassadors mainly to build brand awareness and authenticate our brand. As a brand ambassador, you’d represent Jewelry Champs positively by spreading the word about us in your communities and social medias. We expect our ambassadors to help us widen our reach, gain a better online presence and amplify the word of mouth.


We’re on the hunt for outgoing individuals with a medium to large size network. Anybody who is passionate about our brand, excited to wear our products and highly engaged on their social medias can become a brand ambassador for Jewelry Champs.


Do you have a question before applying? Contact:



  • 10-30% discount for your personal purchases
  • 10-20% discount for your social communities
  • Commission on orders generated through your discount code
  • Opportunities to earn free products
  • Opportunities to be featured on our social media
  • An early notice every time we’re getting new arrivals, doing a sale, hosting an event, etc.
  • Growth as an influential leader
  • Do you have a question before applying? Contact:
  • We expect from our brand ambassadors to regularly post about us on their social medias, mention us throughout their networks and talk about us with their friends and family. If your application is approved, you’ll be sent a guide with more specific guidelines on what you’ll have to do.
    Do you have a question before applying? Contact: